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Solutions and Services
Management Plans

We have broad experience across a range of requirements in the construction industry. We are uniquely positioned to prepare management plans for Council approval for Queensland and New South Wales. Our team has experience in researching and preparing site specific Management Plans for your development.

Environmental Compliance Audit

We provide independent inspections, evaluation and review of current documentation against environmental legislation. We identify and report all aspects of environmental risk. This provides clients with accurate and compliant environmental information to ensure you are achieving your General Environmental Duty.

Water and Soil monitoring

We monitor the quality of potable, fresh and marine waters across QLD and NSW.  We ensure compliance with water quality objectives against legislative criteria.  Our team has experience in designing and delivering water quality monitoring projects. We sample, analyse data and  report against the current guidelines. 

Acid Sulfate Soils

We provide Acid Sulfate Soil identification and reporting that aligns with relevant environmental legislation and management plans. Our team has extensive experience in conducting classification and validation sampling and reporting as well as preparing Acid Sulfate Management Plans. 

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

We provide Best Practice Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP) in accordance with IECA to meet TMR, and Council design certification. All ESCP are completed by a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC).

Baseline water quality monitoring

We provide pre-construction Receiving Waters environmental monitoring that provides measurable outcomes for environmental compliance. The information is assessed against current environmental legislation and can provide a greater scope for water quality guidelines. 

contaminated land

We provide expert advise and support on Contaminated land identification and reporting. Our team has experience in extensive desktop analysis, preliminary site investigations (PSI), site based management plans and groundwater and soil sampling. 


environmental legislation

Environmental legislation provides a legal framework to protect and manage our environment. National, State and Local legislation is bound to construction site development. We have experience with a range of Environmental & Planning legislation and have appeared in Local Court and Land & Environment Court as professionals in our field.